Launch of PHPtrader platform official service is scheduled

At first, we live about 1,000 pairs of calls from 11 digital asset exchanges.

It is the first digital trading bot operating in Switzerland to offer integrated trading and financial trading bot services to investors around the world.

It is one of the fastest-growing global blockchain companies in Switzerland in 2019.

Assets available on the PHPtrader platform include cryptocurrency BTC, USDT, and USDP tokens; while live, two major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Tether, are offered as deposit withdrawal currencies. There is the addition of more carefully selected and attractive cryptocurrency and blockchain-based tokens to help investors make the right choices in the new digital asset sector.

Increasingly, once the regulatory process is approved, a secure stable token USDP backed by real assets will be added to the available asset spectrum.

“Customers will be able to trade safely on PHPtrader,” PHPtrader said. “PHPtrader’s service is currently available only for test services, but it will be available overseas soon.”.

PHPtrader support

It is currently invested in Altcoin, an exchange that is being traded-in significant quantities on 11 cryptocurrency exchanges

Because several prominent VC funds have invested in PHPtrader, the company has strong support from institutional investors.

Last month, the Swiss VC fund venture incubator (VI) invested an additional 3.2 million (USD) in collaboration with other Asian and American institutional investors. The VI Fund is managed by leading Swiss venture capital firm VI Partners AG and has shareholders like Credit Suisse, Nestle, Novartis, ABB, and other global Swiss firms.

After 12 months of development, we’re excited to start with 11 exchanges, a key component of the PHPtrader platform.

This brings us to the world’s first secure stable token (USDP) presentation for alternative investments, a big step forward in our vision.

PHP Arbitrading Bot technology

PHP Arbitrading Bot monitors in real-time more than 1,000 currency pairs (PAIR) of the top 11 global exchanges (Binance, bitfinex, Kraken, Huobi Global, etc.) verified as an automated cryptocurrency profit-taking platform. PHP Arbitrading Bot automatically analyzes thousands of transactions per second and realizes transaction gains if some currency price of one exchange is lower than the price of the second exchange.

It allows you to stream a list of current arbitrage opportunities and explore current and future arbitrage opportunities. An automated platform simple interface allows users to easily make a profit from all arbitrage opportunities for specific currency pairs on multiple exchanges.

It improves the efficiency of coin transactions and supports safe investment through smart automatic trading 24 hours a day.

As the cryptocurrency market grows, the resulting technology advances and many trading bots are making profits by repeating orders. We already understand similar competing robots with advanced computing power, system logic, and algorithms. We are launching a highly competitive PHP Arbitrading Bot, and we will also increase user satisfaction by providing complete platform services such as Ai analysis, portfolio and volume tracker, statistics, backtesting, and stable token USDP exchange for our user management.